VIDEO: Mrežnica River from Croatia in ice and snow

VIDEO: Mrežnica River from Croatia in ice and snow

Mrežnica is one of the most beautiful Croatian Rivers. It is famous for its tufa barriers that create waterfalls and slow, almost marsh parts in between.

Mrežnica is a truly gem of the Croatian rivers. Everybody know world-famous Plitvice Lakes. Try to stretch the lakes to almost 70 kilometers long river and get roughly hundred waterfalls. Truth to be told, they are not so tall, but there are many of them. Terrace cascades are very common. The Mrežnica river get its name from the Croatian word for a net (mreža), as these twaterfalls gives regular net pattern.

Mrežnica in summer is a killer fantasy – you ca swim, paddle, dive, go fishing…whatever you can imagine.


Mrežnca flows in  crey cold par of the Croatia so winters are harsh. Ice and snow are regular companions. This video show one winter.

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